What Sets Us Apart

Personalized Care for the Whole Family

You are unique. You have specific dental needs, smile dreams, and personal concerns. You deserve personalized dentistry, with an approach that addresses all of your needs, not just your oral health.

Dr. Kent Peterson, Dr. Matthew Krische, Dr. Keith Van Horn, and our team offer truly personalized care. We strive to get to know you as a person so we can fully understand your situation. By actively listening to you, asking insightful questions, and encouraging you to ask your own, we’ll form a partnership with you. Together, we’ll help you achieve a lifetime of health-filled, beautiful smiles!

You Are Our Priority!

At Peterson, Krische, Van Horn DDS, we make you our priority. We will always focus on your comfort, desires, financial considerations, and time constraints. Rather than dictating a specific treatment path, our doctors will work with you to develop a care plan that addresses all of your needs, not just your dental concerns.

Before starting care, we’ll talk with you about your plan. We’ll walk you through the doctor’s recommendations, talk about options, and review the financials. We’ll also encourage your questions, and answer them fully and directly. It’s essential that you have all the information you need to care for your smile’s health!

Patient-Centered Dentistry

Our doctors and team members know the best dentistry, happiest patients, and strongest results begin with open communication. We’re all experienced professionals; we’re also warm, friendly, and genuinely want to learn who you are as a person.

We promise you’ll never feel like an anonymous number on a chart or set of teeth in a treatment chair. We’ll know you by your smile, greet you by name, and look forward to your visits as time to catch up with a friend. We hope you feel the same!

Everything we do here is focused on you. Not only do we offer advanced, painless dental care, we emphasize preventive treatment, so you can keep your teeth for life. When a dental issue develops, our doctors recommend a conservative care approach, to ensure the strongest results.

We also stress patient education. We want you to understand the connection between oral and bodily health and what you can do to care for both!

Schedule Your Dental Appointment

Please contact our Lawrence, KS family dental office to schedule a consultation for yourself or a loved one. We look forward to meeting you, learning about your dental goals, and starting you on the path to a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles. Call today!

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